Tuesday, October 18, 2011

12 by 2012

Love this girl Danni and her blog Oh, Hello Friend. She's constantly writing about the most amazing design and decor trends, great Etsy finds and her love for all things VINTAGE! She's a girl after my own heart especially because her and her husband Nick also love Jesus.

Danni just started this 12 by 2012 goals project and I though it'd be a great thing to join and hold me a little more accountable. For those that knew me in University, you know my extreme procrastination skills and since I'm all about bettering myself, why not do it with a few others out there too?!

My goals to finish before 2012 starts are:

1) Make working out a bigger part of my lifestyle

2) Learn to cook new things and

3) Make dinner at least 3 nights a week

4) Make a quilt for our bed

5) Finish my business plan and start working for myself!

6) Knit myself a warm, wooly headband a la Anthropologie

7) Save money for a trip to South Africa

8) Plan a girls weekend with my bridesmaids. I miss them and can't believe everyone lives so far away!

9) Wash my face EVERY night before bed

10) Read more books

11) Volunteer somewhere

12) Make dating my husband a bigger priority

If you're interested in joining the 12 by 2012 goals project, click here for more info!


A little life update

Wow! So much has happened over the last month that it's hard to remember it all. Even if no one is reading this, it's such a great way to store our memories, thought and feelings as we start our "2nd first year of marriage."

Here's what we've been up to!

- I (Mari) started babysitting for two of the sweetest, funniest and most challenging little girls I've ever met. They love being sisters, love playing and dancing, are constantly bringing me books to read to them and definitely test their boundaries and my patience. I love that this time has really pushed me to look inward and fix little things about myself. I go to bed early the night before so that I can be full of energy and attentive, I have to slow down and really understand what a 15 month old with few words really wants and I have to push myself to be flexible and creative to keep the peace, the fun and my sanity. Yes, I love babysitting these girls and no, it doesn't make me want to have kids any sooner. My 5 year plan is still very much in place.

- I also started working at Pottery Barn Kids. It's a spin-off store from the adult version and has some really amazing stuff. Again, it's a pretty good birth control and doesn't make me want to have kids any time soon. It is pretty awesome though for the killer staff discount. I love the team of people that I work with too. My managers are hilarious, and my coworkers are always so positive and energetic. It's been one of the best places I've worked at as far as training and helpfulness from the staff.

- Drew's promotion to a Creative with Apple has been going really well. He loves his store and the people he works with. Many of them are Christians and we've even started attending the church we're at because of a coworker. He's also in Cupertino, CA right now at Apple's headquarters for training. It's super secretive (when has Apple not been though?) and all I know is that he's having fun, learning lots and enjoying the amazing weather down there.

- We've moved! Hallelujah! We've been so grateful to Drew's parents for letting us stay with them these last few months as our final immigration stuff went through and as I arrived and was settling in. We know we would have been in a really tough spot financially (especially with those last immigration costs) if they weren't there to help us out but it is SO GOOD to finally be on our own. We finally feel like we can be adults who are capable of taking care of ourselves, being responsible and making our own decisions.

We moved to the Greenlake area of Seattle and it is GORGEOUS! We're literally a block away from the lake's running and biking paths, swimming areas, community centre, baseball and soccer fields and an incredible amount of great coffee shops and restaurants. We couldn't be happier with the location especially  since it's so close to where I work too. Our place is tiny but it has beautiful natural light, is clean and updated and has the best kitchen for entertaining. After all the unpacking we'll start with the fun stuff: decorating!

- Lastly, we've started going to The City Church's University District service on Sunday's. It's a great place filled with students and young adults and reminds us so much of camp. We are loving the community and definitely want to get more involved. The pastor, Judah Smith and his wife Chelsea, are hilarious and seem so grounded. Judah speaks the truth so powerfully but in such a way that even he seems humble to who God is and what He is doing. The cool part about The City Church is that we've never actually MET Judah or Chelsea. Because there are so many campus's, Judah's sermons are broadcast on a huge screen via live satellite feed every Sunday morning. Each campus has campus pastors and Mark and Crystal Venti run the U-District. They are so friendly and welcoming and hopefully we can join their small group once we get our schedules sorted out.

That's all for now but there's lots more to come!


Saturday, September 17, 2011

Figuring out Life in the Lower 48

It's safe to say that these past 3 weeks have flown by. It's also safe to say that married life is fantastic...Especially when you are together!

Keeping in touch with family and friends is not a strong suit of ours even though we both really want it to be. Blame it on the busyness of life, the fact that we've had to keep in touch with each other, or laziness, reaching out to people individually to tell them what we've been up to is exhausting.  So, we thought we'd blog about us instead and be more intentional about what others are doing when we interact.

Here you'll find out about what we've been up to and how different things are for a Canadian adjusting to Life in the Lower 48.

<3 M