Tuesday, October 18, 2011

12 by 2012

Love this girl Danni and her blog Oh, Hello Friend. She's constantly writing about the most amazing design and decor trends, great Etsy finds and her love for all things VINTAGE! She's a girl after my own heart especially because her and her husband Nick also love Jesus.

Danni just started this 12 by 2012 goals project and I though it'd be a great thing to join and hold me a little more accountable. For those that knew me in University, you know my extreme procrastination skills and since I'm all about bettering myself, why not do it with a few others out there too?!

My goals to finish before 2012 starts are:

1) Make working out a bigger part of my lifestyle

2) Learn to cook new things and

3) Make dinner at least 3 nights a week

4) Make a quilt for our bed

5) Finish my business plan and start working for myself!

6) Knit myself a warm, wooly headband a la Anthropologie

7) Save money for a trip to South Africa

8) Plan a girls weekend with my bridesmaids. I miss them and can't believe everyone lives so far away!

9) Wash my face EVERY night before bed

10) Read more books

11) Volunteer somewhere

12) Make dating my husband a bigger priority

If you're interested in joining the 12 by 2012 goals project, click here for more info!


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